Mark hughes

About Dr Mark Hughes

I have decades of experience working with all types of staff in all types of organisation. Previously, I have worked with Indigenous Elders, politicians, civil servants, all tiers of staff in national and multinational private companies and charities, academics and students.

I have founded my own business and I have been Chair of a social enterprise. It is this breadth of experience that helps me relate to many issues mentees face.

My passion for mentoring stems from two very different ‘past lives’. Prior to founding mch, I was Chief Executive of an Aboriginal sporting and community development organisation. I began my tenure with the organisation on the brink of insolvency and had only a rudimentary understanding of Indigenous culture. Fortunately, the Aboriginal Elders saw the value of mentoring. Through mentoring, my working life became much easier, effective and enjoyable. This in turn made life outside of work more pleasant too.   Prior to becoming a Chief Executive, I was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. As part of our professional development, McKinsey encouraged peer-mentoring. The value of such mentoring is illustrated in ‘The Nauru House Story’ below and by the fact that nearly 20 years later, a peer mentor and I still provide each other with mentoring support.

Read The Nauru House Story >

Despite the above breadth of experience, I appreciate that I can’t be all things to all people. For example, as an individual, it may be very important to you that your mentor/coach is female. As an organisation, the sheer number of people to whom you want to offer coaching/mentoring requires more than one coach/mentor. To accommodate such situations, mch has a pool of associate coaches and mentors, so feel free to call me on +44 (0)7932 918 767 to discuss further.

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