mch appreciates that an issue or ambition cannot always be exclusively achieved through training and/or mentoring. Sometimes an additional element of consultancy, team development or facilitation is required. Indicative scenarios include:

  1. How can we embed our desired organisational culture and develop the skills to sustain it?
  2. How can we develop as a team through a shared approach to management?
  3. Is there an issue with respect to time-management, or is our strategy unrealistic?

When capacity allows, mch is able to assist with such scenarios because prior to focussing on training and mentoring, it worked in a wide range of areas:

  • Vision and mission 
  • Strategic planning/feasibility analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Project design, delivery and evaluation
  • Organisational “health checks”
  • Organisational culture
  • Recruitment
  • Board/staff away days
  • Team development

mch’s Director, Mark Hughes, has been a Chair of a social enterprise, a Chief Executive of a not-for-profit organisation and a consultant at the international consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company. Consequently, he understands the interplay of governance, vision, strategy and culture with staff development.

Feel free to get in touch, if your issue does not lend itself purely to a training or mentoring solution.

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