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Increasing the positive impact of individuals, teams and organisations through staff development.


mch can help increase your positive impact at work through training, development programmes and seminars in areas such as emotional intelligence and management.

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Mentoring & Coaching

We provide 1:1 mentoring and coaching and deliver mentoring/coaching courses to help you or your staff to achieve goals and bring clarity and calm to where there is confusion and stress.

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For those situations where training or mentoring aren’t enough, we can offer consultancy, team development or facilitation.

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I feel I have been let into a secret of life.

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Latest news

mch launches online training portal

mch is delighted to have launched its first self-directed and fully online course. If you are interested in discovering how emotional intelligence can improve your work performance and the quality of your life as a whole, click here to find out more. A free preview gives a comprehensive outline of the course. Within the course, there’s also the opportunity for mch to support a charity that you care about and for you to engage in an initiative to bring greater equality of opportunity to learning and development.

Latest news

Learn How to Lead Others and Yourself to the Best of Your Ability - 20th November

In these tough times, leadership is crucial; but what is the best way to lead yourself and others? Leadership is situational and research by Daniel Goleman suggests that the best leaders are able to adopt six distinct styles as circumstances dictate. At 10am (UK time) on Friday the 20th of November, I will be delivering live leadership training via Zoom on this very topic. To book a place click here. The training will outline Goleman’s six leadership styles and provide insights in how you can develop each. Since leadership begins with you, the training will also consider how the six styles can be applied to lead yourself, not just others. In this highly interactive training, you will work in small groups to explore when each style is most appropriate and reflect on the mix of styles you’re currently using and what your optimum mix is for the future. Numbers are limited, so sign up now.

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