Who I Work With

A Varied Array

I have mentored people in a multitude of different roles: chief executives, senior managers, fundraisers, Board members, grant givers, social entrepreneurs and community musicians. I have also worked with an entire senior management team on a one to one basis (save for the Chief Executive).

Some have been part of very large organisations, others have been sole practitioners. They have worked in a whole array of areas from sports clubs to finance, musical inclusion to reducing drug and alcohol dependence. A myriad of issues have been discussed and acted upon during and between mentoring sessions.

Unifying Characteristics

I am sufficiently mindful to appreciate that my success at mentoring depends, to a large extent, on working with great mentees! Consequently, I seek to work with people who are motivated to develop, take responsibility and are committed to the mentoring process.

Mentoring the Individual not the Organisation

While the organisation may pay for the mentoring, I do not share any information disclosed during sessions with the organisation or anyone else, unless I am required to by law, or if maintaining confidentiality is likely to endanger the mentee, myself or a third party. Unless I have the mentee’s consent, the only information shared with the organisation is the number/type of sessions conducted and when they have taken place.

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