Client Views and Impact

Client Views and Impact

As part of our commitment to our values and our clients, we continually measure client satisfaction with the impact we have. Since mch was founded in 2005, we have measured client satisfaction and to date 97% of clients are either very satisfied or satisfied with the impact we have, 0% of clients are either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied and 3% are neutral.

mch believes that client views of our services are often the most accurate and succinct. Consequently, we continually ask clients (if appropriate) to anonymously describe mch in three words. Below is a word cloud summarising their words:

Word Cloud

We also measure our broader impact on the wider community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves operating a business in a manner that meets the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations which society has of business.

Within the context of CSR, we monitor our client, supplier and employee relations, together with our community involvement and environmental impact. You can access our annual CSR reports by clicking here.

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