Background to mch

mch does what it does because it believes very little of any real worth is every truly done alone. Consequently, our relationship with ourselves and others is crucial. We provide training and mentoring to improve these relationships, thus increasing the positive impact you have.

mch was founded in 2005 by Dr Mark Hughes, who remains its founding Director. For an insight into Mark’s personal motivation for founding mch, click here.

Prior to 2014, mch’s work was wide ranging. In addition to training and mentoring it conducted work in the following areas:

  • Vision and mission
  • Strategic planning/feasibility analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Project design, delivery and evaluation
  • Organisational “health checks”
  • Organisational culture
  • Recruitment
  • Board/staff away days
  • Team development

In 2014 mch decided to prioritise its work to training and mentoring. The company’s vision and values shaped this decision as mch believes delivering training and mentoring:

  1. Provides the greatest positive impact to the sector
  2. Is what it is best at
  3. Is what it enjoys most

Are you ready to increase your positive impact?