Top Tips for Career Success

May 1st, 2020

In delivering The Institute of Fundraising’s Future Leaders Programme I have the opportunity to hear great guest speakers share their insights. One such guest speaker is Paul Nott, a principal consultant at nfp consulting. Paul has very kindly produced a bite-sized version of his talk, for the benefit of those unable to participate in the programme. In the audio below, Paul gives some great tips on the importance of developing a personal brand for those seeking a leadership position. In addition to tips for developing compelling CVs and covering letters, Paul also talks about the importance of mindset, planning and the use of “I” vs “We” when it comes to interviews. Finally, Paul stresses the fundamental importance of self-awareness and reflection to career development. Invariably, there is a balance to be struck between seniority, salary, spare-time and stress and it is only through self-awareness and reflection that you can find your own careeer sweet spot.

While Paul focuses on those considering a Director of Fundraising position, I believe the tips he provides are applicable to multiple roles in multiple sectors.

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