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Our experience in working with many different organisations suggests that many intrinsic terms, such as mentoring and emotional intelligence are not always widely understood. Furthermore, we have found that it is common for individuals to be placed in mentoring, management and leadership positions without the time and development opportunities required to master their new role.

Such scenarios have prompted this section of the resource centre. Contained are explanations on key terms, together with distinct tools and techniques which we hope will be of use to your development.


What is Emotional Intelligence? An overview of emotional intelligence and its importance to management, mentoring and leadership.

What is Mentoring? An overview mentoring: its characteristics, dynamics, qualities and practicalities.

Tools & Techniques

General Development

Positive Intelligence Assessments A common held view is that happiness follows on from success - achieve a goal and you will become happy. However certain research suggests the opposite is true: those with a positive mind-set are more likely to perform well. The research also suggests that well-being is surprisingly malleable and can be improved by simple practices consistently applied. This link provides access to two free (and short) assessments which may give you an indication as to your current state of well-being.


Six Key Questions to Negotiating the Emotionally Intelligent Way This document outlines six questions you should always ask when negotiating and explains why emotional intelligence is so important to negotiation success.

Organisational Values

The Importance and Implications of Balance, Integrity and Quality to Successful Entrepreneurship This article was prompted by a request from the Bath and Bristol Enterprise Network for mch to share its views on the key ingredients of developing and sustaining an entrepreneurial business.

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