Face to Face and Online

mch delivers training face to face and online. In addition to live online training, mch offers fully self-directed learning online. For more information on the latter, click here to find out more.

In-House and Tailored

The bulk of mch’s training is delivered in-house, so that it can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition to working with the training coordinator, mch often contacts each individual participant prior to the training, so they can candidly share their most pressing training needs. Respected self-assessments and profiling tools can also be incorporated in advance, so that participants can more fully appreciate the importance of the training and identify the content that is most relevant to them. mch also offers participants various reminders in the weeks following the training, so that the content continues to percolate long after the training formally ends. Practical and scientifically proven ways of making development stick are also provided to participants to promote enduring, positive change.

Open Courses and 24/7 Learning

mch delivers open training courses on a regular basis. Get in touch to find out about upcoming open courses, or sign-up to our quarterly newsletter to keep informed. mch has also developed an online training portal which offers fully self-directed learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information on the latter, click here to find out more.

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